About Us


After 36 yrs of marriage, Barry said to me (after we had both been retired for a month)
"You know what I've always wanted to do?"
Silly me, I thought, "go on a cruise"?
"What", I said "Roast Coffee" he said. (He'd worked for a roaster during 
college a 100 years ago.)  Ok", I said. 
So here we are, having the time of our lives--- Working for ourselves and 
creating unique blends as well as classic estate coffees for your enjoyment. 
Come along and 'Sail Away from the Ordinary' its a great ride
- Sharon Philpott

Mission Statement

Pirate Coffee Company values integrity, honesty and quality; with these valuies we strive to produce the best tasting, best packaged coffee available on the market.
Sharon at the Pirate Coffee Company proudly roasts in the old classic way with two San Franciscan, gas heated drum roasters. We have the ability to roast to the customer’s request; however our normal roast is medium brown dry. For those technically oriented, it’s #55 on the Agtron Gourmet Scale.